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Whappen, Star?
It's a Jamaican way to say hello. It's our way to introduce ourselves.
Welcome to the new style.
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Make Black history
24/7. 365. Show your love with the "Africa &" tee.
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We deh yah
Styles upon styles upon styles is what we have. Get our signature tee.
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Streets is watching
Get your fit right in our signature chenille hoodie.
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WhappenStar patches
What we do
WhappenStar Clothing Brand is about many things but style comes first. We do classic streetwear pieces with a twist. What's the twist? Provocative tee designs that reflect our hip-hop, political and Jamaican roots. Staple pieces that are clean yet funky. All done with love using quality materials. All of our pieces are limited run. The…
WhappenStar chenille
Team Chenille
Man I love chenille. There's nothing like the feel of that raised, soft embroidered loop. The way it makes a badge or patch pop, giving it a 3D profile. Did I mention that I love chenille? Our new signature hoodies got that chenille swag. They will be your new favourite gear in no time.…
headphones and laptop
When I hear music…
Tunes move me. Especially hip hop. I'm a head from time. I love the really real, music is a creative catalyst for me and all of my design work. Rap isn't my be all and end all, I have a deep and varied playlist that runs the gamut from Delta blues to…