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When I hear music…

man wearing headphones

Tunes move me. Especially hip hop. I’m a head from time. I love the really real, music is a creative catalyst for me and all of my design work.

Rap isn’t my be all and end all, I have a deep and varied playlist that runs the gamut from Delta blues to industrial rock. But the boom bap runs through my veins.

Two artists are getting rinsed (look it up) on my iTunes playlist right now: Pharoahe Monch and Sa-Roc. Pharoahe is a vet, your fave emcee’s fave emcee. He came up in the group Organized Konfusion before embarking on a solo career now in its second decade. He’s known for his verbal gymnastics and deft wordplay.

His latest project is as part of the group th1rt3en, a three man metal/rap amalgamation that is sicker than your average.

Check out Cult 45, a biting critique of the shitgibbon recently ousted from the Oval Office.

Sa-Roc. Who you say? She’s just one of the hottest MCs to emerge in the past few years. Her raspy, sultry flow is paired with a Pan-African hood sensibility that doesn’t shy away from being vulnerable. Peep her for yourself:

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